End of 2010, Shows I find myself watching, and that my family watches as well.

Ok, I watch all kinds of shows as you saw down below in older posts. Here are some that we currently are watching.

Law and Order

Lie to Me (Love this!)

CSI New York, Las Vegas, Miami (gotta love Horatio! And Mac!)

White Collar

That new show called Defenders (I think?) It has John Belushi, its a lot of fun

Survivor (out of habit I think? )

Suite Life on Deck (formerly of Zack and Cody. I know this is for kids! I laugh so hard though, it really makes my day.) The latest ones are on the cruise ship where they are traveling around the world.


Outsourced (love this, hilarious! Surprised how much I like this one!)

The Event

Criminal Minds

Nascar, on Sunday afternoons

Mentalist (sometimes)

The Office

Burn Notice


I Carly, or i Carly (sometimes, and it is just cute and entertaining)

We all love a lot of these shows, but there is no way to watch them all, all the time. These are our family favorites that we hope stay on the air. There are probably more, these are what come to mind right now. Fox News is our favorite News as well.

We watch a host of cooking shows on the food network as well.