Burn Notice - The Finale!

It is hard to believe that Burn Notice is over!  I am a little bit in shock that I won't be seeing Michael, Fiona, Sam, etc in the future!  It has become such a part of our family's life over the years.  I guess that is one of the signs of a good show.

I didn't know what to expect but from the finale, but it didn't disappoint at all.   It was a sad ending in some respects with Michael's mother Madeline.  In fact, that part was devastating!  Like with many good shows and life, sometimes there is a sacrifice somewhere along the way for something good to be enabled to go on.  Not a foreign thought at all on one hand, but ought to be expected on another hand, when facing the great evils of the world. 

As for Michael and Fiona and the little nephew, wow, what a perfect ending!  I couldn't have anticipated they could turn things around and have it end on such an amazing note.  I half expected there to be quite a bit of tragedy as the story ended.

I wonder where things will go from here?  Will there be any more to the series later on?  I hope so!

Will miss the gang, including Jesse!  Wow, what an incredible show that was.  Thanks to the producers, writers and actors, etc.  It was a joy.