Parks and Recreation is Back!

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Parks and Recreation this Fall 2013.  The first season reminded me that this is truly a fun, though goofy at times, show. We laughed and enjoyed it so much. 

It dawned on me that this show is perfect in many regards.  It has a true rhythm to it almost, and perfect balancing act with the story lines, actors, etc.  We laughed hard, were mortified a couple of times, and then got tears at the end when Ron was traveling in the very Europe he "hated" with the gift itinerary from Leslie.  Wow, what a fun and gripping show in many regards.

I love that a lot of the little realities of life are mingled in to get people to appreciate and realize the good things we have going.  That helps to keep it real. 

Another fun show that has grown on us over the years, and that we can record it brings a great joy to us at times.  A super fun show!  Loved this latest one that included the Europe trip.